Hard In The City’s “Best Of Google” Volume 1

Oh, internet. You never fail to amuse me and creep me the fuck out at the same time.

In addition to all the relevant Google searches that lead people to Hard in the City, I have noticed that some people seem to find themselves here quite by mistake. This is generally because I use the word “fucking” quite liberally, even when I don’t mean it as a verb, including sometimes in titles of my posts. My sincere apologies go out to all the pervs out there who don’t realize that if Britney Spears had a fucking sex tape, you would’ve already fucking seen it already.

Anyway, I’m not selfish. And that’s why I’m sharing with you all the Google searches that bring me amusement every week, along with the number of times each term has been Googled. I also will assign a winner each week that I find the most original and amusing.

Here are the honorable mentions:

“britney spears fucking” — 11

“britney spears fuck” — 7

“felicity jones fucking” — 2

“i hate new york and california people” — 1

“witchsex from films” — 1

“britney spears fucking lady” — 1

“free britney spears fucking”

“brit marling naked” — 1

“two girls one santa fucking” — 1

“sex and fuck” — 1

“nude christian girl fuck” — 1

“best of fuck” — 1

A few interesting searches there. I like the user who Googled “sex and fuck.” Not “sex fuck” — he actually put the “and” in there. (I’m being presumptuous by assuming this user was male.)

This week’s runner-up for the big win is:

“she let them stab her in the belly”

Because I would love for whoever Googled this to comment and tell me what the fuck they were searching for.

Or, on second thought, maybe I’d rather not ever know.

But the very best Google search of the week has got to be this one, for obvious reasons:

“where is the titanic now”

Congratulations, anonymous Googler. Your prize is the smile currently on my face.

As for the rest of you one-handed Googlers — thanks for stopping by, guys! I’m glad your love of cinema has led you to exactly the kind of blog you were searching for.

I will now include the random, off-the-top-of-my-head phrase “Khloe Kardashian fucking a horse” to see how many people Googling various incarnations of that phrase find this entry.

Any guesses?


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