Gold Rush: Director’s Guild Award Winners 2012

Does the “D” in “DGA” stand for “duh”? When it comes to the Director’s Guild’s pick for this year’s best filmmaker, it sure does.

(Here were the nominees.)

Best Director for a Feature Film
Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist

Feature Documentary
James Marsh, Project Nim

Drama Series
Patty Jenkins, The Killing, “Pilot” (AMC)

Comedy Series
Robert B. Weide, Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Palestinian Chicken” (HBO)

Movies for Television and Miniseries
Jon Cassar, The Kennedys (Reelz Channel)

Reality Series
Neil P. Degroot, The Biggest Loser, “Episode #1115” (NBC)

Musical/Variety Series
Glenn Weiss, 65th Annual Tony Awards (CBS)

Daytime Serials
William Ludel, General Hospital, “Intervention” (ABC)

Children’s Programs
Amy Schatz, A Child’s Garden of Poetry (HBO)

Noam Murro, Ads for Heineken Premium Light, DirecTV, Volkswagen Tiguan, and EA Battlefield 3


It’s The Aritst! Or, more specifically, Michel Hazanvicus.

While I suppose there was an off-chance the DGA might reward a more familiar filmmaker like Martin Scorsese (especially since Hugo was all about nostalgia for one of the early great directors, Georges Melies), it was pretty much always going to be The Artist, as just about every award is.

It only puts more weight on Michel Hazanvicius’ already-impending Oscar win. I think it’s a good choice, considering that Hazanavicius took quite a gamble making a feature length silent film, and stayed true to that aesthetic rather than trying to make it more palatable for today’s audiences.


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