Adult Toys: Wynter Gordon // “Still Getting Younger” Video

Wynter Gordon previously got down and dirty in a fight to the death with Steve Aoki in their “Ladi Dadi” video. Now, the clip for Wynter’s latest (and last) With The Music I Die single “Still Getting Younger” reprises the concept of the video, with one major change ā€” instead of real weapons, Wynter and her playmate are tapping into their inner children and blasting each other with squirt guns and water balloons. Still getting younger, indeed.

Wynter Gordon ā€” “Still Getting Younger” video

Wynter Gordon has been one of my faves since I first heard “‘Til Death,” which was my #1 single of last year. (Plus, she’s a real sweet gal besides.) “Still Getting Younger” is my second favorite of her tracks, so it’s nice to see it get the single treatment. I like the playful nature of the video, along with the use of slow-mo to give us some pretty sexy shots of Wynter with the New York City skyline in the distance.


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