Bedlam, Bath Salts, & Beyond: Jessie & The Toy Boys // “On With My Bad Self”

When those reports of a bath salt-fueled zombie apocalypse surfaced, you just knew someone was going to make a music video out of it.

Okay, no, you didn’t. But now someone has anyway.

“On With My Bad Self” can be viewed on a fairly straight-forward surface level — a catchy pop song with a cute hook, and no one would blame you for it. However, a more discerning viewer might get the sense that there’s something more going on here than a little fun in the tub and a happy summer barbecue. As with much music from Marina And The Diamonds, Jessie and her toy boys seem to be making fun of pop music even while giving in to its basest pleasures, operating on multiple levels to please Top 40 lovers and those who’d rather mercilessly mock the stuff.

How do you spell “plagiarism”…?

Mmm… I don’t know.

Here we get yet another lazy chorus that’s merely about a song being on the radio, as pretty much every pop artist from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez to Rihanna has done at least once. But here it seems Jessie is doing it rather pointedly and tongue-in-cheek, which only becomes clearer once their “guest” at the barbecue arrives.

Jessie And The Toy Boys // “On With My Bad Self” Video

The “On With My Bad Self” video surprised me with just how far it went with its premise, and I can’t help but admire it for that.

After all, any video that has a hot pop diva singing a catchy, summery hook while holding a meat cleaver is all right by me.



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