Trailer Trash: ‘Hitchcock’

Behind-the-scenes of classic Hollywood movies are almost never as good as we want them to be. Look at last year’s My Week With Marilyn, for a recent example. Often, the central star-as-star performance is the standout, with the story failing to live up to the greatness of the film it’s about.

Will Hitchcock follow suit? It’s too early to say, but now that the trailer’s out, I can only say I’m further looking forward to it. There’s almost no other filmmaker who’d be quite such a fascinating subject to put on film, and his body of work is certainly iconic enough that it’ll be fascinating to take a peek behind the curtain. Psycho is a movie that changed cinema forever, and thus warrants an entire movie made about its creation.Hitchcock trailer

Though the effect of the makeup is a bit creepy, Anthony Hopkins seems like a lock for a Best Actor nod — he may duke it out with Daniel Day-Lewis for the prize. The rest of the cast could easily find themselves nominated, too — primarily Scarlett Johansson and Helen Mirren.

This is one of two Hitchcock movies coming our way, the second being the Toby Jones-starring The Girl, for HBO. (Poor Toby Jones — his Capote in Infamous was overshadowed by Philip Seymour-Hoffman’s, and now, same with his Hitch.)

This has easily become on the fall movies I’m most looking forward to. Can’t help it — I went to film school.


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