“Three Minutes To Wapner” (#49)

Rain-Man-Dustin-Hoffman-Tom-CruiseHow does 1988’s Best Picture Oscar winner hold up? We’re too busy answering a question from a half hour ago to weigh in right now, so you’ll have to listen to When We Were Young’s latest episode, just in time for the 30th anniversary of Barry Levinson’s Rain Man.

Dustin Hoffman’s Academy Award winning role set the stage for many actors playing mentally or physically disabled characters to go for the gold. Does this still come off as a credible way to depict autism, or have changing times made this a more problematic performance? And how do we feel about Tom Cruise as a full-on dramatic leading man in an action-free film?

Take a break from memorizing that phone book and make sure you’re wearing the proper underwear, because we’re about to make like Wapner and judge whether Rain Man soars like Qantas or sucks like Kmart.

Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes.


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