The Best Of The Rest Of Film: 2018

Another Academy Awards ceremony has come and gone, driving a nail into the coffin of 2018, cinematically speaking. As usual, it was a night of triumphs and travesties. (More of the latter than the former, probably, but let’s not dwell.) Green Book is our Best Picture for the year, though it was not even crafted […]

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Not-Oscars 2018

The Academy is always a little bit wrong, which is why I write this post every year. Inevitably, there are writers, directors, actors, composers, and others who don’t get their just desserts from the Academy when nominees are announced — and those whose work is too niche, or too gene, to ever have a chance […]

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Radical Reverence: ‘First Reformed’

A Protestant pastor in upstate New York counsels troubled youths while preparing for his church’s 250th anniversary celebration. That’s not the first narrative that comes to mind for a spiritual sequel to Martin Scorsese’s 1976 antihero landmark Taxi Driver, written by Paul Schrader. But First Reformed, both written and directed by Schrader, comes about as close as […]

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