Eye Of The Beholder: Beauty Bares Its Teeth In ‘Neon Demon’

the-neon-demon-elle-fanning-jesse-mirror-bloodI’ve seen a lot of movies. A lot of them contain some pretty shocking stuff. I don’t necessarily like gore or explicitly disturbing subject matter, but my cinematic journeys often lead me toward such material anyway. I’m more adventurous than the average moviegoer. Sometimes, I think I’ve seen it all.

After a while, one act of abhorrent violence is just like all the rest. It’s rare to encounter a scene in a movie that feels that new, that novel, truly unprecedented. The final scene of Enemy was, perhaps, the last piece of cinema to truly make me sit up in my seat and say, “What the fuck?”

Until now.

Whoever you are, whatever you’ve watched… there’s something in The Neon Demon I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen.

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‘Cosmopolis’: Not An Aphrodisiac

robert-pattinson-cosmopolis-limo-prostrate-examIf you’re a happy, well-adjusted person, never go on a date with me. Just don’t.

I don’t mean because I, myself, am such a morose individual — I’m not. But my cinematic picks can be real downers.

I can’t help it! I like heavy-hitting dramas, acting tour-de-forces. I like walking out of a theater feeling devastated. Even on a date? Especially on a date.

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When Peppy Met George: The Year Of Loving Nostalgically

(Movies discussed in this post: Beginners, Certified Copy, Forget Me Not, One Day, Midnight In Paris, The Artist, The Future.)

I have two questions for you:

1) Have you ever been in love?

And, if so —

2) Was it quirky?

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Modern Love: ‘Like Crazy’ And ‘Weekend’ Get It Right

(Movies discussed in this post: Like Crazy, Weekend, Crazy Stupid Love, Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached.)

When it comes to movie romances, there are basically two kinds — real and unreal. Happy and sad. Bullshit and not-bullshit.

Or, to put it in Julia Roberts terminology — some movies are Runaway Bride, and some movies are Closer.

(The vast majority of movies are Runaway Bride.)

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‘Girl, Interrupted’: Not An Aphrodisiac

(Films discussed in this post: Meek’s Cutoff, Girl Interrupted, A Little Help.)

Here’s some advice if you’re ever going to date me:

Let me choose the movie.

I have fantastic taste. Some would even say flawless, but I’m far too modest to make that claim myself. Plus, I usually keep the other person in mind when I’m selecting a film for us both to watch. I don’t make off-the-wall choices people are going to hate just so I get my druthers. Well, I mean, only occasionally.

People thank me all the time for opening their eyes (and minds!) to a film they otherwise never would have seen, or probably even heard of.


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