‘Cosmopolis’: Not An Aphrodisiac

If you’re a happy, well-adjusted person, never go on a date with me. Just don’t. I don’t mean because I, myself, am such a morose individual — I’m not. But my cinematic picks can be real downers. I can’t help it! I like heavy-hitting dramas, acting tour-de-forces. I like walking out of a theater feeling […]

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Canucks Run Amok: ‘Good Neighbours’ And ‘Heartbeats’

(Films discussed in this post: Heartbeats, Good Neighbours, and Cold Weather.) French New Wave. Italian Neo-Realism. British Kitchen Sink. Hollywood. Bollywood. Japanese horror. Hong Kong action-thrillers. Nearly every region of the world has a type of cinema its “Known For.” Some have several. But not Canada! Unless you count Score: A Hockey Musical. Because a […]

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