“Put ‘Em On The Endangered Species List” (#111)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the 90s, an elite team of podcasters has been selected to journey deep into the jungle, dive deep into the ocean, and dig deep underground to locate some of the deadliest predators ever known to moviedom. Two of cinema’s greatest auteurs made creature features […]

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“The Whim Of A Madman” (#65)

Cinematographer-turned-director Jan De Bont never met a mode of transportation he didn’t want to blow up, and it all started with Speed (1994), the action-thriller that whittled Keanu Reeves into the wooden king of turn-your-brain-off blockbusters (see also: the Matrix and John Wick franchises). This high-concept hit has one of the most iconic movie plots of all time, […]

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