“I’ll Be Right Here” (#107)

You know the score. You know the quotes. You know the poster. Forty years ago, a wrinkly alien with a magic touch waddled into moviegoers’ hearts and made E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial one of the most beloved family films ever made. Steven Spielberg’s alien opus surpassed Star Wars as the #1 film of all time and […]

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The Tens: Best Of Film 2021

I’m worried. I’m sure you are, too. It’s been a rollercoaster couple of years to be a film fan (along with everything else). 2019 was a stronger-than-average year at the movies, with sprawling, hearty, career-capping epics from major auteurs like Scorsese (The Irishman) and Tarantino (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood), ambitious, adult-oriented big screen […]

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“Earn This” (#59)

The 1999 Oscars telecast is the most memorable of my youth. Whoopi Goldberg wearing a royal frock and whiteface to portray Queen Elizabeth, a delighted Roberto Benigni leaping onto the seats after winning his first Oscar, Gwyneth Paltrow’s tearful acceptance speech in that pink dress, the Elia Kazan controversy, the Celine Dion backwards tuxedo controversy […]

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“Life, Uh, Finds A Way” (#42)

“Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.” Dodgson! Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson here! Does the fact that Jurassic Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month make you feel like a dinosaur? Or does the impending release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have you ready to RRRUUUUNNN toward the nearest cineplex all over […]

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An Indisputable Ranking Of Every Steven Spielberg Movie, From Fine To Phenomenal

Steven Spielberg is the most popular, successful, and recognizable filmmaker of all time. He has more films in the AFI 100 than any other director. Adjusted for inflation, four films he directed are in the top 25 highest-grossing of all time (five if you give him credit for Jurassic World). His worldwide grosses are almost […]

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Border Line: International Relations Get Tense In ‘Bridge Of Spies’ & ‘Sicario’

We’ve heard many times that the so-called “War on Drugs” really is an actual war. Traffic, a Best Picture nominee from way back in 2000, remains the cinematic authority on the topic, and probably had more influence on the aesthetic of modern movies than almost any other film. Nowadays, plenty of dramas and thriller look […]

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The Tens: Best Of Film 2005

(A “Then & Now” perspective.) This Top 10 is actually a 20, because sometimes ten just isn’t enough. Actually, it’s because that’s how I wrote it back when it was originally published a decade ago, and if I’m bothering to re-post it I may as well re-post the whole thing, right?

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