“Help Me Help You” (#99)

By the time I was pop culturally aware, Tom Cruise was already taken for granted as a movie star. He was always there, grinning and waving on red carpets, on the cover of all the tabloids and more legitimate magazines, every movie he was in an Event (and a hit that warranted the event status). […]

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“But It Did Happen” (#62)

Few movies speak to my sensibilities better than Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia does. I love auteurs, especially those who write their movies. I also love filmmakers who utilize music to great effect — not just score, but soundtrack, too. I love ambition and the bucking of convention. I love an unpredictable turn of events that […]

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“Three Minutes To Wapner” (#49)

How does 1988’s Best Picture Oscar winner hold up? We’re too busy answering a question from a half hour ago to weigh in right now, so you’ll have to listen to When We Were Young’s latest episode, just in time for the 30th anniversary of Barry Levinson’s Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman’s Academy Award winning role set the […]

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An Indisputable Ranking Of Every Steven Spielberg Movie, From Fine To Phenomenal

Steven Spielberg is the most popular, successful, and recognizable filmmaker of all time. He has more films in the AFI 100 than any other director. Adjusted for inflation, four films he directed are in the top 25 highest-grossing of all time (five if you give him credit for Jurassic World). His worldwide grosses are almost […]

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Top Ten Films: 2002

I made this Top 10 list early in awards season, before I’d seen a number of films that factored into the race that year — including Talk To Her, The Hours, 25th Hour, Bowling For Columbine, 8 Mile, and The Pianist, some of which came away with major Oscar wins (Best Director, Best Actress, and […]

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Top Ten Films: 2004

(A “Then & Now” perspective.) Like my 2005 list, this Top Ten comes at you twenty strong, because that’s how I wrote it back in the day on my LiveJournal. And like last time, I’ll be adding my commentary about how the movies have held up 11 years later, because tastes change. Some of these […]

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