Top Ten Films: 2020

“We are gathered here today in remembrance of The Motion Picture. To bid it adieu, and to share some of our fondest memories from its final year. Thank you very much to Netflix for providing the catering at this difficult time.” That’s how I opened last year’s top ten list — with a mock eulogy […]

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Best Of The Decade: 2010s

A decade at the movies is serious business. When the 2010s began, Avatar had just opened in theaters. It went on to top the all-time box office and spawned the short-lived resurgence of 3D, a fad that has mostly died out (again). Netflix, then known for its DVD rental services, was just beginning to expand […]

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Top Ten Films: 2014

It was a very good year at the movies… but a weird one. Reversing the trend of recent years, the summer blockbuster fare offered a surprising amount of good taste, from the goofy-fun Guardians Of The Galaxy to the surprisingly clever Edge Of Tomorrow. Even sequels like Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and […]

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Canucks Run Amok: ‘Good Neighbours’ And ‘Heartbeats’

(Films discussed in this post: Heartbeats, Good Neighbours, and Cold Weather.) French New Wave. Italian Neo-Realism. British Kitchen Sink. Hollywood. Bollywood. Japanese horror. Hong Kong action-thrillers. Nearly every region of the world has a type of cinema its “Known For.” Some have several. But not Canada! Unless you count Score: A Hockey Musical. Because a […]

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