She Does A Body Good: Natalia Kills // “Kill My Boyfriend” Video

Natalia Kills is at again! And this time, she truly lives up to her name, in her new single “Kill Your Boyfriend.”

It’s not a metaphor. It’s about literally offing her fella.


Drowning your man in a bathtub full of milk? Gotta say, haven’t seen that one before.

In an era when some pop stars evoke the words “femme fatale” in name only (I’m looking at you, Britney Spears), it’s refreshing to have someone like Natalia Kills actually go for it, and make it stylish and sexy to boot.

This video still isn’t as dark or demented as “Wonderland,” but there are a few grotesque images to establish a commonality. I love the art direction — that color scheme is so memorable, and so unlike most music videos.

In short? I die.


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